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TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS provides a range of legal services with a focus on the general corporate field.


General Corporate Legal Services

A variety of legal issues arise in the course of everyday business. At TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS, we help companies address these issues by providing continuous and practical legal services tailored to our clients' specific circumstances. Cultivating a relationship of trust with our clients is essential to our work. We also advise clients on how to prevent future disputes.


Dispute Resolution

Responding to disputes of any size can place a significant burden on companies and their staff. TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS provides legal services for a variety of dispute resolution measures, including litigation and mediation. We work in close cooperation with the relevant departments of our clients, tailoring our work to the size, complexity and other characteristics of the case.


Human Resources and Labor

The field of human resources and labor affairs is one that demands flexibility to keep pace with our ever-changing social climate and the high frequency of new laws and legal reforms. At TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS, we provide legal services to help clients plan to avoid "contingencies" not only related to labor disputes, but also individual personnel actions and revisions to laws and regulations, in addition to assistance with inhouse training.


Compliance and Crisis Management

The social demands on companies with regard to compliance are increasing every day. TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS provides a variety of legal services to help clients meet these demands, including investigations of misconduct cases and other individual compliance matters. We also support companies in developing compliance and crisis management frameworks.



Buyouts and other mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are a common feature of modern business, but the legal services required for each case vary widely depending on the size and nature of the transaction. TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS provides flexible legal services tailored to each case, as well as advice on post-merger integration.


Municipal Law

Like private companies, local governments face a variety of legal issues on a daily basis. Guided by our expertise on the Local Autonomy Act and other regulations specific to municipal legal affairs, TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS helps governments navigate these issues while addressing the interests of each stakeholder.


School Law

Schools are often faced with serious legal challenges and difficulties due to the large number of stakeholders, including those involved with the school's establishment and operation, faculty, students, parents, and surrounding residents. TOYOSHIMA & PARTNERS provides legal services to resolve and prevent problems for both public and private schools.

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